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The smacna cad standard scs, formerly calledcadd symbols and layering guidelines in its first edition. Expanded as computer aided designdrafting it is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. If it is not practical to place the leader hook at the. Hok cad solutions has moved tuesday, 22 september 2009. For cad operators, designers, and supervisors a thorough knowledge of cad related elements associated with a project is crucial. Cad and image standards for construction documentation. The file naming convention is based on the sheet identification format and also complies with the u. Cadd standards manual march, 2018 introduction page 5 introduction purpose the electronic files created during the process of developing a computer aided design and drafting cadd project for pinellas county from here on referred to as p are to be shared and referenced by many different individuals and must satisfy various needs. The cad standards provided in this document are a compilation of adaptation of technology and standards from both industry and federal agencies. As a result, this publication is known as aia cad layer guidelines. There are areas that are not currently addressed in this version of the bim standards. These standards form the baseline from which project deliverables should be developed. A portable document format file pdf is an industry standard noneditable file format. The sharing and proper use of these drafting guidelines is a vital part of ensuring.

The uts nominated cad software is autocad 2016 with autocad 2010 formatted files. Jan 25, 2014 cad standards are necessary and very important to the industry to allow for designs and drawings to be interchanged between teams on projects. Cad standards and structural engineering practice 2. James vandezande, aia, hok bim manager michael schroeder, bimjet, inc. Public resources drofus integrated program management. Project startup all project drawings must be created using the standards contained herein.

The project manager however only requires a general knowledge of the cad standards and the means by which they are employed to create a project. Cad standards june 1, 2000 table of contents part 1. The university has adopted a simplified version of british standards layer control system for layer naming. The uts cad model consists of geometric information about the uts buildings, grounds and services. Mit design standards bim and cad drawing standards thematic folder page 1 of 36. Vha national cad standard application guide may 2006 ii foreword in order to establish drafting standards for the preparation of design and construction documents using computer aided drafting, va has adopted the entire national cad standard, latest release, and amended by this guide. These room numbering guidelines are provided for use by architects for projects involving new construction. The aec uk cad standard basic layer code was originally released in. Wherever possible the standards in this document have been built upon the existing aec uk cad standards to provide a robust and achievable path from existing cad standards to integrated bim standards. Bim is integral to our approach to sustainable design, says miles walker, hok firmwide cad manager.

Drawing shall be tied into and use the nad 83 horizontal datum and navd 88 vertical datum. The uob cad template file can be used to aid this process. City of seattle cad manual interdepartmental cad standard introduction 1 introduction the city of seattle interdepartmental computeraideddrafting cad standard was set in place to ensure that all cad drafting work performed in house or by a cityhired consultant could be readily used. Scope this standard is intended to support all bim work undertaken within a practice, unless otherwise dictated by the client. If you are searching for tips on developing an autocad standards policy, you have come to the right place. When deciding on a cad manager to create and implement the cad standards, suggest that all cad staff vote on who they think should become the cad leader. The university of houston has defined a list of layers designated for internal space management uses. Va bim guide laccd bim guide national bim standard aoc bim guide uk bim protocols penn state bim execution plan.

If it is not practical to place the leader hook at the beginning word to the left or right, it. Complete cb6 standards manuals may be downloaded in pdf format from the. The standards apply to all design drawings, working drawings, contract drawings and as built drawings. Cad standard for works projects development bureau. This document presents the standards to be used in the structuring and naming of cad data and for creating, editing and plotting drawings under the cad standard for works projects cswp. We have compiled our suggestions for cad drawing standards as follows. Scs articulates the cad standards that will enable smacna members and the rest of the aec. Army corps of engineers cadbim technology center in vicksburg, ms. Ead cad standard manual port authority of new york. As a small business, it is easier to implement internal cad standards or adopt a known. If available, master drawings should be used as the basis or background to. Cppe capital planning, programming and engineering. All other engineering drawings including, but not limited to 3d.

A large filled region covering a big portion of the view, usually to identify areas of work and areas outside of work. Note the strong contrast between the visible lines of object and the thin lines used for dimensions. Today, more than 620 hok employees have earned leed accreditation. Please refer to the national cad standard for guidance.

Most of them refer back to the ncs for a lot of that stuff. Build a good user interface by using autolisp or vba for your standards such as. Kristen hill, insideout consulting referenced guides and standards. The following list is an example of typical layers used by the cad team. Jul 23, 2015 when a view contains the following items and you export to a cad format, you will likely experience loss of data. A list of typical layers can be found below and are provided also with the drawing template file. Not all conditions that may be encountered on a port project are described and teams. The purpose of this cad and bim standard is to standardize drawing information and improve electronic data sharing. This standard complies with the layering standard found in the aia cad layer guidelines found in the united states national cad standard version 4.

Client data standards and requirements code restrictions and constraints cost information on a nightly bases as team members go home for the evening the servers hosting the designs begin severing the models to both industry standard model checking tools but also to custom solvers based on firm specific ip. Sometimes large projects use multiple cad platforms, so cad standards are essential for the project to function. Room numbering guidelines stanford university last updated. All layers shall be consistent with the city of bellingham cad standards pdf. Room numbering guidelines stanford university general. Hok bim solutions archive 2015 4 july 2015 1 propagate extents for grids. Ensure that the pdf files print to match the layer standards of the cad files. In all, hok has completed 31 leed and six breeamcertified projects, and is currently pursuing leed certification on more than 100 projects. Use the drawing layering system, fonts, and linetypes consistent with the city of bellingham cad standards, which are included in the template. Hok a global design, architecture, engineering and. Standards define a set of common properties for named objects such as layers and text styles.

These files must be either pdf or tif formats and they may be produced. Hok is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Where cad services are provided externally, rpd cad standards will also be required of the consultant or cad service. October 11, 2017 general these guidelines will allow floor and room numbering and wayfinding procedures to be applied consistently to all university buildings. If youre not aware of bim, bim stands for building information modeling, and it tends to be related to autodesk products such as revit, navisworks. When a new cad drawing is produced or revised it must be added to the project drawing register. Standards for bim that ive seen typically dont include things like line weights, family naming, sheet namingnumbering.

Families with nested generic annotation such as security devices, fire alarm devices, electrical fixtures, etc. Engineering drawings and cad requirements transport for nsw. Include all field survey data as indicated in section 1. You or your cad manager can create, apply, and audit standards in drawings to enforce consistency. The aec uk cad standard aims to build on the guidelines defined in bs1192. Stephen is also the author of the usace aec cad standard and aec graphics standard. Submit hard copies of original contractor red line plans and specifications. Pinellas county cadd standards manual for survey and civil. For the first time, aia became part of the title of the publication, and the numbered editions were abandoned. This version was prepared by the nrcs cad standards development team appointed by the director of the conservation engineering division in 2002. The one that might be more helpful for you is the lod standard since thats usually a better metric. The ead cad standard outlined within this document was established to provide guidance for the. National cad standard construction specifications institute. About cad standards autocad 2018 autodesk knowledge network.

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