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The comics may not have been socially acceptable, but they had cool ads in them. It features a young boy who acquired a set of xray spectacles with whom he could see through everything premise. Right there on the inside cover of my favorite comic book. To celebrate xray day, weve collected 10 comics radiating humor that you can look through, below. Days later, ironclad emerged from the desert floor.

Human anatomyvirtual dissections page of this site. Max and the robot embark on an interdimensional roadtrip through past and future to take down the nihilist and save the universe. Xray specs are american novelties, purported to allow users to see through or into solid objects. Everyone wanted xray specs, but this was when i started to doubt the veracity of these ads. This site is a place to post my comics, drawings and other media that i use to educate students about anatomy, radiology and evidence based medicine. Its well known, and there is a whole industry that thrives on it. The brand advertised heavily in comic books and on tv and led many unsuspecting unathletic kids to believe that all they needed to not be chosen last in gym class was a pair of expensive sneakers. Comic book ads from the 60s book advertising, vintage comic. The current paper version is sold under the name xray spex.

Collecting the bizarre stuff sold in the back of comic books. As tom kaczynski points out on its back cover, alex degens newest book soft x raymindhunters shares common ground with henry darger. These ads offered kids the opportunity to see through everything from fingers, an eggshell, and possibly even clothing all for the cost of a dollar. Xray comics free adult xray comicshentaigames to download. Get all your favorite xray comicshentaigamesat one place and of course download for free at nxtcomics. Rare coins every kid saw one of these ads in a comic book and for the next week, you looked at every coin that you came in contact with, hoping that you could find that rare and valuable coin. Xray specs followed the adventures of a boy called ray and his squareshaped spectacles, which were lent to him by. If you were like me, all you ended up with was a pocketful of. But if you look in older comic books youll see a treasure trove of sneaky ads, crazy claims, preposterous promises and looney lies. Popculture historian kirk demarais set out to explore the artifice of childhood by ordering the curious, outlandish, improbable products marketed to kids in the ads on the back. Off the mark by mark parisi april 19, 2010 the argyle sweater by scott hilburn june 26, 2017. This is why as kids, every so often wed come across an ad in a comic book, for something we knew was too good to be true. Yepthe games up now this looked possible so i painted a coin like this and wasted hours trying hypnotize the neighbors dog selling the military.

This edit will also create new pages on comic vine for. Xrayed cartoons and comics funny pictures from cartoonstock. Advertisements in comic books have promised unbelievable products for decades. Weve already learned that comic books can be a remarkable medium for nonfiction, but it turns out they can also be a vehicle for the most fantastically fraudulent fringes of fiction.

Xray specs was a british comic strip illustrated by mike lacey that appeared in the first issue of the british comic monster fun on 14 june 1975. History isnt full of fun examples of what doctors did beforehand. The first time i ever saw comics for sale was in 1979, when the. Vector as the groups leader who can repel matter telekinetically. You could send away for xray specs, joy buzzers, the hypnocoin, assorted novelties and gags like a fake arm cast.

In reality, the spectacles merely create an optical illusion. Comic book ads xray specs and the beyond be a real man, learn karate. These xray glasses can see through some type of materials making it possible to see through clothes that in the same condition cannot be seen by the naked eye. And dont forget you can download all xray adult comics to your pc, tablet and smartphone absolutely free. Old comic book ads xray specs sea monkeys kit charles atlas workout duration.

Comic book advertisements are a common feature in american comic books mainly from the. See more ideas about comic books, vintage advertisements and ads. The robot is able to xray multiple dimensions and battles a nihilistic entity from another dimension who wants to take all life to its prebig bang status. But still, wed put money in an envelope and four to. Vapor who can transform into any form of gaseous matter. Download 3d xray porn, xray hentai manga, including latest and ongoing xray sex comics. The ufoes is a fictional supervillain team appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics. How a feral squirrelmonkey attacked its new owner, why a submarine disintegrated on the front lawn, how xray specs caused nothing but. The ad that stoked every young comic book readers imagination was the one for xray specs. Vintage comic book ads that were too good to be true. No advertisements to own a nuclear sub or army tank can be found nowadays. Hot hot night in the custody of my difficult kansai aunt.

A polaris submarinemore than seven feet longwhich i dreamt of traveling in along the forthclyde canal, avoiding the ghostly weeds, the garbage, discarded shopping trolleys, and the imaginary gangsterspale, bloated and tethered to weighty blocks of concrete. In todays comic books you dont see the advertisements you used to no ads with outrageous promises to be taller or more muscular. Xray glasses classic ad this is a scan of an old comic book. Another proof that his x ray vision is not xray is that he can see in color e. Generations of comic book readers remember the tantalizing promises of vintage novelty advertisements that offered authentic lasergun plans, xray specs, and even 7foottall monsters with glowinthedark eyes. Home comic headquarters video game headquarters comic ads video game ads comic covers tabloid. Featuring weekly comic release discussions, creator amas, a friendly and helpful userbase, and much more.

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