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Case1 karakuri kaizen exhibition in thailand case2 tpm seminar in india. Planned maintenance reliability engineering business. It blurs the distinction between the roles of production and. Implementing successful total productive maintenance. Additionally, tpm empowers all plant personnel to take ownership of their machines and maintenance is a positive investment for them. An introduction to total productive maintenance tpm faculty. Planned costs maintenance from orders and notifications. Tpmanalyzing and categorizing the failure data 61 ftags, the machine history log, and minor stops or unrecorded losses categorizing 63 finding out the tpm causes for the ftags to help find the cure 71 pareto charts 80 the defect map 83 chapter 4. For more information on planned maintenance and how tpm could benefit your organisation. Parameters for the costing of maintenance task lists. Evolve maintenance standards and inspection of kaizens for their continued effectiveness. Enables most maintenance to be planned for times when equipment is not scheduled for production. Reduces inventory through better control of wear prone and.

This will benefit the extension of working life of a machine, ease regular smooth handling and functioning, reduceeliminate a number of equipment bound losses and enhance operators. Training the operators to strictly follow operating procedures. Tpm seminar will be held 19th march 2020, kyoto japan 20200128 news. The oil is changed on a regular basis to prevent the engine from having problems at an unexpected. The article presents a brief introduction about tpm, bsc focused on maintenance and further discussions. The final stage of implementing a tpm program is planning and scheduling maintenance activities. Good maintenance can be ensured by incorporating the philosophy and principles of total productive maintenance tpm in organizational practices. Establishing a planned system of preventive maintenance pm for the equipments life span. An introduction to total productive maintenance tpm. Tag 1 tag 2 tag 3 tag 4 tag 5 tag 6 tag 7 tag 8 tag 9 tips group exercise identify sources of contamination. Planned maintenance pillar in tpm program, bringing shop floor actions autonomous maintenance near to maintenance strategic plan and overall company results, fundamental issue to reach wcm pattern.

Academicians have classified maintenance in two broad categories, viz. Tpm was in place and modifications and improvements was done, but the team missed out something, a very important point, the product. Tpm planned maintenance 4 phases to zero unplanned breakdown rsa reliability and maintenance consultancy firm presents enroll now contact. Tpm total productive maintenance is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production.

Tpmcreating standards and preparation for autonomous maintenance 85. Implementing successful total productive maintenance tpm in a manufacturing plant. Pdf quality and maintenance of manufacturing systems are closely related. The planned maintenance program for a facility may include scheduling, but sometimes scheduling occurs separately via a maintenance scheduler. Tpm leader training planned maintenance parts model is good when.

The simplest example of this for the average person is an oil change on their car. Planned maintenance tbmcbm schedule is strictly adhered to. He also successfully prepared a major client for the jipm. Industry forum business excellence through inspired people. It follows a structured approach to establish a management system that extends the equipment reliability at optimum cost. Jishu hozen, planned maintenance, quality maintenance, kaizen, office tpm and. Planned preventive maintenance report linkedin slideshare. Therefore, initiatives such as total productive maintenance tpm, which address equipment maintenance, have be come more commonplace in.

This includes maintenance and operations staff, materials, documents, work orders, change orders, and necessary approvals to perform work as planned. The planned maintenance pillar activities are normally led by the. A plant tpm steering committee is formed to establish and drive a comprehensive plant wide pe focus. However, planned maintenance is not considered a specific kind of maintenance. Planned maintenance reliability engineering production. Reliability and maintenance consultancy firm presents tpm. However, it is likely to plateau at a certain point due to planned downtime and intended maintenance. This pillar of tpm refers to proactive maintenance techniques. Key points planned preventive maintenance predictive maintenance previous tendencies based analysis parts categorization upon data analysis division of partssections in daily, weekly and monthly basis operator involvementownership autonomous maintenance oee overall. Robust tpm programs have planned downtime for maintenance and predictive tools may create planned replacements or repairs in effort to reduce unplanned downtime and variability in uptime performance. Planned maintenance begins with outlining the scope of the work to be completed. Action plans in implementation of total productive maintenance.

Mckone and others published total productive maintenance. Implementation of planned maintenance using tpm methodology for a bicycle manufacturing industry manoj kumar kar hyderabad institute of technology and management, hyderabad, telangana, india abstract total productive maintenance tpm is a proven methodology in manufacturing industries in all sectors process, and discrete. Effectively and efficiently employ machinery, materials, methods and manpower through the use of lean six sigma tools. Tpm awareness information 5 courtesy, in part, of motorola sps. Throughout this model the other six remaining tpm pillar are embraced between training and she pillars and overlapped planned maintenance. This waste is due to operators, maintenance personal, process, tooling problems and nonavailability of components in time etc. Total productive maintenance tpm is a system of maintaining and improving the integrity of production, safety and quality systems through the machines, equipment, processes, and employees that add business value to an organization tpm focuses on keeping all equipment in top working condition to avoid breakdowns and delays in manufacturing processes. Total productive maintenance tpm is a system designed to stabilize equipment performance and reliability. Tpm methodology implementation, change of behaviour and culture.

Planned maintenance is the third pillar of tpm and aims to achieve zero breakdowns. Since the goal of total productive maintenance is to eventually eliminate unplanned breakdowns, planned maintenance with a cmms solution should entail the preventive maintenance that will allow your machinery to run as planned after all tpm. Tpm emphasizes proactive and preventative maintenance to maximize the operational efficiency of equipment. Tpm leader training planned maintenance techniques to achieve zero failures 12202005 12202005 maintenance. The method followed under tpm is called planned maintenance pm system to achieve maximum availability of equipments minimize cost of maintenance. Involving all employees from top management to shop floor workers. Definition and types of maintenance maintenance management. The primary goals of tpm are to eliminate waste caused by accidents, emergency and unscheduled downtime, defects and speed losses. Zero interruptions zero defects zero accidents throughout total employees participation from top management to operators, based in the following activities.

In this assignment youll look at your companys maintenance procedures and investigate the benefits of planned maintenance to the company. Planned maintenance refers to any maintenance activity that is planned, documented, and scheduled. Planned maintenance free download as powerpoint presentation. Planned maintenance, also known as planned preventative maintenance or scheduled maintenance, is an activity where a company will schedule work done in order to avoid outages.

There are two main objectives of the effective planned maintenance pillar. Pdf developing total productive maintenance model tpm for. Total productive maintenance tpm is a proven methodology in manufacturing industries in all sectorsprocess, and discrete. With carefully planned and scheduled maintenance, equipment is extremely well maintained. Conduct whywhy analysis for breakdown and pm analysis for chronic failures and arriving at the countermeasureskaizens. Engage all employees to use effective problem solving tools to make permanent and significant reduction in plant losses. Tpm improves equipment effectiveness lean production. An introduction to total productive maintenance tpm j. Planned maintenance planned preventive maintenance ppm. Total productive maintenance tpm is one of the world class manufacturing tools that seeks to manage assets by involving everyone in the manufacturing organization. The goal of the tpm program is to markedly increase production while, at the same. The aim of planned maintenance is to reduce downtime by having all necessary resources on hand, such as labour and parts, and a strategy to use these resources.

The number of likeassets are many the machines are in good condition forced deterioration is low and autonomous maintenance is high. Tpm combines the traditionally american practice of preventive maintenance with total quality control and total employee involvement, to create a culture where operators develop ownership of their. The first steps to an effective planned maintenance pillar. Down time for maintenance is scheduled as a part of the manufacturing day and, in some cases, as an integral part of the manufacturing process. Planned maintenance planned maintenance means planning the maintenance of machinery or equipment in advance, to try to prevent breakdowns from happening. Using the 4m approach, lets examine a typical before pm situation. Audit assignments and resources to ensure repair schedules and performance expectations are met. Bridging the gap between practice and research find, read. Total productive maintenance tpm is a productive maintenance program, which focuses on the following. Total productive maintenance tpm implementation guide fiix. An introduction to total productive maintenance tpm plant. The planned maintenance pillar activities are normally led by the maintenance team. Planned maintenance a planned maintenance program leverages historical downtime data and predictive analytics to schedule key maintenance tasks around probable failure rates or anticipated idle times.

Maintenance personnel are few, and skill level is high. The purpose of equipment maintenance is to sustain adequate equipment condition at all times in order to have uninterrupted production. Planned maintenance planned maintenance as part of an effective maintenance system takes time and to be effective has to be a way of life. Autonomous maintenance planned maintenance individual improvement. Pdf total productive maintenance tpm implementation in a. Since tpm makes maintenance personal, assets are better cared for. Tpm planned maintenance metrics globalleansolutions.

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