Titleist 913 d2 driver swing weight too light

The titleist 9d3 driver is a classic, pearshaped driver that is designed for the better golfer. Many players familiar with swing weight, know what swing weight they want. Titleist driver settings the golf shop online blog. I noticed on the sight that there is a red dot on the weight and that i could order different weights or a weight. Every two years like clockwork, titleist launches a new model. So i replace the factory 9 gram weight with a 7 gram weight. Titleist ts shaft options which is right for your game. I was experiencing the same type of issues, so yesterday went to titleist, i was using a 910d2 10. The 460 cc, pearshaped driver features a rear sole weight that positions the center of gravity low and deep to increase moment of inertia as well as produce higher launch angles. Golf weight for titleist 915 driver fw hybrid 915d 915f 915h available size. According to titleist vp of marketing chris mcginley, the new 9 driver adds more length over the older 910 driver. Titleist say this system uses 10grams less than any other sliding weight system on todays market. It features a highspeed forged face insert which delivers more speed over a larger area of the face. But after i set my club swing weight lighter, i tend to cutting the ball a lot.

Total weight and swingweight are two different concepts. Overall, the d2 is forgiving, long, and a great option for the upcoming season. What does the swing weight of a golf club actually mean. The light weight of the graphitic carbon fibers adds exceptional feel and consistency.

The head is deeper and looks like it has been stretched back to front, which moves the centre of. The 9s, once fitted, definitely lived up to titleists forgiveness promise. A new highspeed, forged face insert produces more speed over a larger area of the clubface, with improvements to the center of gravity cg location and rear surefit tour sft weight optimizing launch for more distance. The titleist 9d2 driver features a 460cc full pear shaped titanium head. I play a 9 d2 driver and recently started incorporating elements of the stack and tilt swing method. We show you the surefit tour adjustable hosel technology and help you understand some of. With the black dot weight your driver was about d5.

As such the titleist 9 d2 and d3 are the best in the titleist line, and because titleist entered the adjustable hosel craze a year or two after some other companies, they seem to have skipped right to the solid phase. Gone is the gloss black that was utilized with 915, 9, and 910 drivers. This is the discretionary weight that is often referred to in head designs and. Slightly smaller than the 9d2 at 445cc the d3 has similar technology. The surefit cg weight system, that has been integrated into the sole of the ts driver, is a cylinder made from composite material. A rear weight lowers the center of gravity that increases launch angle and increases moment of inertia to. Instead of just guessing which loft and version of the titleist 9 driver i should use, i worked with monte french local mn titleist fitter. Titleist 9 d2 driver with regular graphite titleist. Id like to decrease the headweight to achieve a d2 or close to swingweight. The difference between the titleist 915 d2 and its predecessors such as the 9 driver is that the 915 d2 is larger and displaying a 460cc pearshaped head that allows for an easier draw whilst it also features a 16position surefit tour hosel system. Interchangeable head weights for the titleist 915 driver and fairway allow for the customizing of swingweight and feel for optimized performance. The bezel weights that come in the 9 metal woods are used as a swing weight component and have no direct influence on ball flight. It is all black again with a similar surefit adjustable hosel.

Choosing shafts for titleist 915 drivers 3balls blog. As a general rule, however, to increase swing weight from d2 to d4, add four 2inchlong strips of 12inchwide lead tape to the club head. To watch more youtube videos from 2nd swing or to subscribe to our. You know when you hit a new club for the first time and it feels a bit too light or too heavy. My swing speed is 100, ball speed 140 with launch angles of 1214 degrees.

Review of the titleist 9 d2 driver by award winning pga professional matthew conner, his most recent awards golf foundation pga professional of. The guy i bought it from had broken the stock shaft, and sent it in to titleist. If putting a titleist 917 driver in your bag is something youre considering, heres our. Buy a used titleist 9 d2 driver at a great price on globalgolf. Titleist 910 d2 swing weight club fitting team titleist. Titleist 9 d2 for sale in uk 62 used titleist 9 d2. With 6 stock shafts, it should be easy to find a match for your swing. To increase swing weight from d2 to d4 you can add about 4 grams of weight to the club head, subtract 10 grams of weight from the grip or lengthen the shaft by inch. To increase swing weight from d2 to d4 you can add about 4 grams of weight to. An improved cg location and rear surefit tour weight creates more distance by optimizing the launch and reducing the. Im 57 years old and prefer my drivers at d2 swingweight. The titleist 9d2 driver is designed to combine speed with forgiveness for average golfers. What you need to know about the titleist 917 drivers the golf.

By the end of 2012, 90 per cent of titleists staffers are expected to have switched a clear sign of a measurable performance boost. My dispersion was within 23 yards of each drive with a consistent slight draw im a leftie. Add weight to your driver golf club for more distance pga. The specs of the aldila rip phenom 70 feature a 74 gram weight and. Take this for what it is, one guys opinion, but titleist has been lost in the driver doldrums the last several years. This driver goes farther and feels better than the 9 does. The titleist 9 d2 driver is a good improvement on the 910 version. Are the different weights for the 9 d3 strictly for adjusting the swingweight after changing shafts, or do they also affect ball flight and or spin rate too.

The titleist 9 d2 offers a clean look and easytohit driver. If someone wants the club built to a certain swing weight, other then the standard, we can use those bezel weights to help achieve this. Having had a chance to hit these, titleist is right on. The bassara stands out from the others shafts with a bright red color scheme. I gained 12 yards consistently over my 9 d2 and was fitted into the 915 d3 with the stock aldila rogue shaft. Titleist released the 9 driver to replace the previous titleist 910.

The 9, like the 910 and 909 and others before it, has a great sound at impact. The spin rate with the stock shaft bassara w50 was 36004000. The weight will fit all titleist 9 series clubs d2, d3 drivers, 9f fairways, 9h hybrids. The centre of gravity has been lowered to reduce the spin on the ball and it is now the same launch and spin as the d3 version. However the main difference between the two models is that the d2 has a 460cc head which will offer a little bit more forgiveness and a little draw. I just ordered a 9 d2 driver and i have a question about the weight on the sole. For more information about titleists new ts drivers and fairway woods. A club with a heavier swing weight will feel heavier to a golfer than one. At first glance the 9 d2 doesnt look drastically different from the 910, but in its first week on tour in july around 50 per cent of titleist staff players switched to the new driver. Golf weight screw for titleist 9 d2 d3 drivers 9f wood. I believe thats more common for women, seniors and young players. Find titleist 915 driver and titleist 9 driver from a vast selection of golf. The titleist 9d2 is a 460cc full pear shaped driver with innovations to the face insert, rear weight and lower cg location that deliver the best combination of speed and forgiveness. Add them to your team titleist bag and let other members know what youre playing with.

A golf clubs swing weight measures its resistance to being swung in a circle. I still own a 905t, and it still holds up very well against many of the newer drivers on the market today. It looks and feels like a 440cc tour level driver with the distance and forgiveness of a 460cc driver. Assume that the weights of all components of both clubs are perfectly at target specs. Im guessing its due to the tighter swing as well as the increase in angular momentum. Im looking to increase my speed further by switching from a stiff shaft to a regular shaft. Unfollow titleist driver 9 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Heres our take on the most common stock titleist 915 driver shafts. Click here to find out how the titleist 9 d3 scored in the drivers test 2014. Inside this will house an array of weights, you can slide in and out ranging from, 8gram 16grams. And i think it might be the club is too light in my hands, so my driving.

The 917 in both the d2 and the d3 are going to spin about 200 rpm less. As stone explains, each shaft is in a different weight class and each offers a. The titleist 9 d3 offers a smaller clubhead design and great look at address. Even with the new technology, they have managed to maintain the classic look that titleist is know for. This driver will be a hit, along with the fairways and hybrids.

These are great drivers and with one in your bag, your playing partners might even mistake you for a great golfer too. My ball flight now is a little higher than normal with my new favorite setting c4 but im fine with it as 910d2 tends to carry abit more. For a 9 driver, black dot weight is 14 grams 11 grams is blue dot. The titleist 9 d2 is a high performance, 460cc full pear shaped driver that delivers exceptional distance and forgiveness. Turns out the d2 was spinning way too high for my swing. I changed the shaft on my 9 d2 driver from an aldila tour green 65 to a graphite design ad di 7x. Available in 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, and 17 gram weight options.

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