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Michigan record bucks by county 10 matching articles outdoor. For the past two years, huge sheds had been found near the town of kenmare, about 11 12 miles southeast of bowbells. Michael wood from carleton got our states highestscoring typical for 2016, according to state record keeper commemorative bucks of michigan, also in monroe county, on the morning of nov. So, what gives with a breaking story on texas biggestever whitetail during the dog days of august. As a deer hunter, i read a lot about where to hunt big whitetail bucks.

Largest michigan nontypical ever north american whitetail. When you set foot on one of our hunting ranches, you will be entering a distinguished trophy environment. Boone and crockett club big game records deer hunting. As my 2018 michigan bow season showed, you still can knock on a door and get. If licenses remain after the drawing, they will be sold until the quota is met in each dmu beginning september 9 at 10 a. Roger atwood measures the right brow tine on tony fultons nontypical whitetail deer. It beat the previous record buck shot by mitch rompola by 28 of an inch. I recommend this book to anyone who plans on hunting whitetails especially in michigan. On one side lay 80 acres of everything needed to grow big bucks. Incredibly, the years 19902001 account for 2,811 or 52 percent of the record book entries during this period. License availability is limited by quotas established for each deer management unit dmu. Experienced hunters or rookies benefit from our whitetail deer hunting guides giving them the experience of a lifetime. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the. The bucks dressed weight was only 165 pounds, but he had lost weight during the rut.

Michigan hunter breaks state record for deer killed with. Biggest nontypical whitetail ever killed by a hunter. Discussion in michigan whitetail deer hunting started by liver and onions, aug 8, 2010. Whitehouse whitetails provides hunters with quality whitetail bucks. In fact, the biggest buck on record in michigan died of unknown causes about a month after the end of the last deer season for 2009 and was found dead by sharon weidmayer, a nonhunting friend of rons, while walking her dog on brushy property she owns. It is the highestscoring nontypical buck on record for the state of michigan. While we are the lead agency for deer management, collaboration with federal and state agencies and tribal governments, as well as private. The boone and crockett club maintains the records of native north american big game as a vital conservation.

Whitetail deer hunting in michigan hopkins creek whitetails. Greenwoods outfitting is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the gamerich menominee county, upper peninsula of michigan. Michigans chester kulikowskis 2016 buck scored a whopping 2. Additionally, the biggest free range deer that ever lived almost certainly died naturally without ever being shot and likely seen by human eyes. The whitetailed deer odocoileus virginianus, also known as the whitetail or virginia deer, is a mediumsized deer native to north america, central america, ecuador, and south america as far south as peru and bolivia. Things change a lot when you look at each state on a level playing field. Indiana record book whitetail deer field and stream. Ive been a michigan whitetail hunter all my life and always look forward to the start. What would have been the world record whitetail is now just a blur in our minds. Record book be damned, this is a onceinalifetime free range whitetail. This book has saved me alot of time when scouting new areas. He was obviously relieved when they finally found the deer.

What separates johns accomplishment of having taken exactly 50 record book bucks 31 from michigan and 19 from outofstate from 32 different properties from any other whitetail bow hunter in the country is that 100% of his hunting has exclusively been on public, free walkon, cold call for free permission and knockondoors for free. We offer a variety of typical and nontypical with drops, double beams and heavy mass. However, deer hunters in the bowbells area knew it existed. Top overall states for boone and crockett whitetails per square mile since 2008. Across most our northern regionsboth the upper peninsula and the northern lower peninsuladeer numbers have been on the rise over the past several years, said brent rudolph, deer and elk program leader for the michigan department of. The buck had led a secluded life, with no reports of any person ever seeing it.

Michigan whitetail deer must be taken during hunting season and hunter must be known. The buck has not yet had its 60day drying period to get an official score, but new estimates put the buck at 209 48 inches gross and 192 68 inches net. The top states for boone and crockett whitetails in the. Anyone know of a bookwebsite that lists indiana record bucks by county. Greenwoods outfitting guided hunting in menominee, mi. That buck is the secondhighest scoring typical on record for the county. If not for gary shear, we probably wouldnt have known that his twin brother, 78yearold cary from ann arbor, shot a pending state record typical crossbow buck last fall in washtenaw county. This book is awesome not just for its deer info and hunting tactics but the incredible breakdown of michigans whitetail habitat by county and township. It contains 240 pages of entries for deer, bear, elk and turkeys along with over 150 photos. Nova scotia record book crossbow buck 2018 youtube. As it turns out, the biggest michigan nontypical record buck died of unknown causes about a month after the end of the last deer season in 2009.

Forums michigan hunting michigan whitetail deer hunting world record 327 whitetail discussion in michigan whitetail deer hunting started by brian berg, jun 2, 2019. The biggest and oldest bucks bagged in michigan each year continue to. S08e04 hank jr adele peters crossbow whitetail full. We are connecting mis community of hunters over photos and specs of bucks harvested across. Waldrons friend, who owned some property, found the deer dead and thought it was good sized. Coming out of highland county, ohio, this whitetail took top honors for the deer with the longest main beam. It has also been introduced to new zealand, cuba, jamaica, hispaniola, the bahamas, the lesser antilles, and some countries in europe, such as the czech republic. Michigan record bucks by county 10 matching articles.

Possible staterecord buck found dead in clinton, michigan. Sharon was walking along a creek on the property when she spotted antlers sticking up. Cbm bucks by county michigan sportsman online michigan. Commemorative bucks of michigan the official website of. They change even more when you just look at the most recent data within the last decade. Texas biggest open range buck in 100 years texas fish. This greatly expanded fifth edition features over 12,400 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett club s records program, dating back from the late 1800s up through december 31, 2011. Many great bucks will never be entered in any record book. What is the heaviest deer ever harvested in michigan. We guarantee you will score the trophy buck you have dreamed about.

Records of north american whitetail deer is the definitive record book of wild, freeranging trophy whitetail deer in north america. No one had seen the big deer, but two sets of shed antlers showed up near the town of. In recent years there have been reports of 400 pound bucks in michigan but research shows these bucks were high end genetic whitetail bred on a high fenced game ranch and feed protein. The whitetail went far enough that john was starting to have doubts about his shot placement. The 12pointer had a gross score of 186 78 and netted 178 68. Representatives of commemorative bucks of michigan were contacted with evidence that mr. State will make an even greater mark on the record books. A nonprofit organization that collects and maintains records on trophy class deer, bear, elk and turkey, taken by legal hunting means. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck outdoorhub reporters 01. Many record bookcaliber deer are on his wall, and his knowledge and trophies.

Legends ranch offers michigan whitetail deer trophy hunts, as well as michigan whitetail deer management hunts, with a highlymanaged ranch and the most knowledgeable guides, we have produced some of the best and biggest bucks in bitely, michigan every year. Across most our northern regionsboth the upper peninsula and the northern lower peninsula deer numbers have been on the rise over the past several years, said brent rudolph, deer and elk program leader for the michigan department of natural resources. Michigan nontypical record buck whitetail deer hunting. Tennessee native stephen tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47point trophy whitetail. The biggest deer ever killed nontypical and typical and not counting farm raised steroid deer is lost to history because some indian cut the antlers up to use them for tools, etc. This 240class buck found dead on a 10acre property west of clinton, michigan, on feb. For hunters who seek a top record book gold buck, the sanctuary gold medal whitetail deer hunt is considered a whitetail hunting fantasy without equal. Washtenaw county buck is pending michigan state record. Hunters may apply for one public land or one private land license. Club, commemorative bucks of michigan and the longhunters society. Our area is best known for its high concentration of whitetail deer, black bear.

A scoring panel with the commemorative bucks of michigan named. This rack, with 45 scoreable points, was one of the most difficult trophies to measure at the 23rd awards program. Second and thirdplace winners in all divisions and categories at. The 3,950 entries 74 percent of the record book total come from 41 states and 1,254 counties.

In short, the buck was never entered into any of the record books. In my experience it seems the desire to record a deer goes up in direct proportion to how far south. The 27yearold farmer and avid deer hunter from gallatin, tennessee, shot the deer with a muzzleloader in november. A statebystate breakdown of where the best bucks are coming from, with a look at historic record book deer, plus an update on the top trophies from the last five seasons. Shot with a bow, the buck scores 182 18 net typical. Contrast those to the key deerthe smallest subspecies of whitetail. Last day, last hour, nova scotia record book buck taken with a crossbow. The first step was record book data from the boone and crockett club. Iowas reputation for whopper whitetails was built on bucks like this incredible 10. Entries do not need to be mounted, but they must have a solid skull plate and must be clean of flesh. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck. But after spain submitted a statement last week admitting that he had not shot it in michigan per his original claim, he was charged with several misdemeanors relating to the. There are overall category and weapon listings as well as county by county listings for.

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